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The easy way to finance s-curve

The easy way to finance s-curve

As a tech business, to navigate your tech company around the S-Curve to growth, you need one essential ingredient: Money. 

What do I mean by the S-curve?

Tech company growth isn’t always linear. More often than not it follows an s-shaped curve.

At first, while you establish your business, you can expect growth to be slow. 

Then as customers start to recognise and adopt your offering, you take on new staff and scale your business, your growth will speed up. 

Eventually, your offering will reach maturity, and your growth will slow down again. 


Where can you get access to the money you need?

By following the four-step strategy illustrated in this infographic you can seize opportunities and maintain momentum when you:

  • Generate revenues, but at the same time spend on resources, such as taking on new staff or moving to bigger premises.
  • Move your tech business into profitability by increasing revenue without incurring further significant costs. 
  • Reach the top. But find growth is slowing, and you see new competitors entering your market.  
  • Need to manage inflexion points along the way

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Read it, save it, print it. Follow this strategy consistently to make sure you have the capital you need to finance your S-Curve to growth.