Our Mission

Fuse3 focuses exclusively on working with the technology industry and understands first hand the complex challenges the industry faces, which allows us to pair the right alternative finance options to companies reaching various milestones of growth.

Our team of investment professionals have a wide and varied portfolio of financing experience covering asset management, loan brokering, structuring and managing investments.

Client Focus

We put our clients first at every stage of the process and guide them through the stages of stringent negotiations from the lenders. Acting as an impartial intermediary, we provide objective advice on the finance offered that will work best to achieve our client’s strategic goals. Our clients receive a personalised approach that is not usually found when working with investment banks.

Industry Knowledge

Our reputation in the sector has always gone before us and we continuously receive mandates to secure funding for technology companies at various stages of growth whether they are entering into M&A discussions, refinancing or scaling.

Proven Success

The sheer demand for loans in the technology sector together with Fuse3’s loan success track record, has organically led to the expansion of the Fuse3 Group.

This consistent activity impressed lenders who are seeking investment opportunities in the technology sector, who come to us to pair them with tech companies seeking funds to assist them in completing significant growth milestones.

Who we are

Ifti Akbar – Founding Director, Head of Deal Origination

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +44 79 5873 7013

Ifti Akbar

With his entrepreneurial mind-set and technology focused career, Ifti has looked for creative ways to disrupt the status quo throughout his long career working with technology. This lead to co-founding Fuse3 Venture Debt Brokerage with Russell Lerman and boasts being the leading brokerage in venture debt for tech companies.

In 2006, Ifti and Russell first joined forces to oversee the then start-up Envido, as the Co-managing director. They took it from a bootstrapping self-funded start-up to a multi million pound company which they then sold to Scottish Equity Partners backed business Vital Energi, seven years later.

The experience of funding Envido’s growth led to them spotting an opportunity to introduce alternative finance to the UK and European technology industry and disrupt traditional finance providers.

Russell Lerman – Founding Director, Head of Lending

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +44 78 1060 1978

Russell Lerman

Russell is an entrepreneur who left school at 16 with few qualifications and spent his early years working working in the automotive industry, culminating in completing a large sale & leaseback deal at the age of 20. This followed a move into the IT sector in early 2000 and from 2004 – 2006 a 2 year period living and working in Asia.

At the age of 21 Russell started his property investment activities, which he still maintains today. And in 2014, Russell advised NHS CFO’s on off-balance sheet debt finance to fund ESCO projects.

In 2006, Russell and Ifti Akbar first joined forces to oversee the then carbon reduction start-up, Envido, as Managing Director. They took it from a bootstrapping self-funded start-up to a multimillion pound company which they then sold to Scottish Equity Partners backed business Vital Energi, seven years later. Securing debt played a big part for Russell & Ifti achieving their exit and the idea to create Fuse3 was born.

With this in mind, he teamed up with Ifti Akbar, to co-found and run the successful technology debt brokerage, Fuse3, where he has successfully secured loans between £1m – £10m for over 200 companies in the last 5 years.

He is passionate about technology businesses whether VC backed or owner managed and believes that with the correct funding, anything is possible.

Anabel Feria Dominguez – Senior Investment Analyst

Showcasing a wide and varied career in accounting spanning over a decade, Ana is a diligent and proficient investment analyst.

Originally from Spain, Ana has held significant accounting positions in Spain, Malta and the UK, where she has worked in the field of International Cooperation, in projects financed by grants and loans from bilateral and multilateral international development organizations, including the United Nations (UN), the European Commission (EC) and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Directorate General for Development Cooperation (MAE-DGCS).

Ana heads up the Finance Departments at Fuse3 and is responsible for overseeing Due Diligence Analysis, Investment Applications, Implementation of Analytical and Management Models, Analytical Review and Investment Consultancy.

Dorian Kouider – Analyst

Dorian Kouider

With a keen eye for numbers, Dorian heads up the Analytics Department at Fuse3, where he appraises and analyses companies seeking private funding from international lenders.

Originally from France, Dorian holds a masters degree in Finance from Grenoble Graduate School of Management (IAE), he brings a European perspective and approach to managing clients and lenders requirements.

His prior engagements include working at Safran, the Aerospace, Electrics and Power Plant in 2016, as the Finance Business Partner for the UK and US Programme. In 2015, Dorian was the International Financial Controller at Cegid, a global B2B SaaS provider. And In 2013 he completed a stint as the Financial Controller for the French retailer SAMSE.

Angus McKechnie – Digital Marketing Manager

Angus McKechnie

An engineer by profession, Angus’ mathematical critical thinking led him to delve into the data world of digital marketing.

Angus first worked as a design engineer for a OEM manufacturer, where he quickly discovered his passion for digital and made the move to a marketing agency as a marketing technology specialist. From there he set up his own digital consultancy and worked on data driven projects for software startups. He joined Fuse3 as Digital Marketing Manager in 2017 where he executes data led digital marketing campaigns.

Ellie Luk – Head of Marketing

A marketing enthusiast, Ellie is firm but patient in controlling and executing marketing communications, building B2B alliances and developing multi-channel customer strategies.

Having lived for almost a decade in Hong Kong, the Asian capital of customer service excellence and a city that is permanently ‘online’, Ellie has acquired a high standard in communicating to internal and external stakeholders, whilst embracing the digital marketing revolution.

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