Have a time sensitive, event-driven finance need? Or want to finance an exit?

Bridge funding gaps with private debt bridge loans.

Key features of private debt bridge loans


Fund an MBO

Fund an acquisition

Repurchase shares

Prepare for an IPO

Fund an exit strategy

Typical Term36-60 month
Amount<£1.0m - £20.0m
ProfitabilityLosses or Profitable
Timescales1-3 months

Types of private debt bridge loans for SME tech businesses

Venture Debt

Ideal for pre-profit tech companies without tangible assets to use as collateral. Access venture debt as a single lump sum or in tranches. Use it to:


✅   Extend your cash runway to get you to the next funding milestone

✅   Supplement funding rounds

IP Funding

Inject cash back into your business to promote growth. Use IP funding to:


✅  Supplement funding rounds

✅  Extend your cash runway

MBO Funding

Thinking of combining MBO funding with a personal investment? Let us assess your financials to identify the best alternative debt finance facility to suit your business.


Working closely with you throughout the process from beginning to end, we can:


✅  Negotiate the initial stage (First, we’ll establish your intent. Then we’ll use our 3rd party status to minimise any conflicts of interests)

✅  Develop financial projections to support your business case

✅  Source finance from our network of lenders

✅  Liaise with all stakeholders to ensure due diligence is in place

✅  Project manage the entire process to a conclusion, while you focus on running your business

Acquisition Finance

Are you looking to increase the value of your enterprise by way of an Acquisition?


Talk to us about using venture debt to complement your company’s funding strategy.  

Share buyback

Do you have a business partner that wants to retire or is seeking a new direction? Or is a director leaving because your company is being acquired? Perhaps you want to cash out.


Learn how you can buyout a shareholder with:


✅  MBO finance

✅  Acquisition finance

✅  Venture debt

Special Situations Fund

Have a specialist situation considered too risky or challenging for conventional lenders, such as restructuring or selling off a part of your technology business?


Then talk to us about structuring, negotiating and sourcing a bespoke alternative debt financing solution.

How working with a private debt broker works


First off, we make it our business to understand all the nuances of standard (and non-standard) financing methods and funding sources.

Then, we do the legwork to identify the right mix of solutions to help you expand your business, leaving you free to focus on your day-to-day operations.


1. Introduction

Telephone Call
Discuss funding requirements
Request more information/data

2. Assessment

2. Assessment

Information/data received
Fuse3 Underwriting
Fuse3 Assessment Tool

3. Term Sheet

3. Term Sheet

Face2Face meeting on-site
Full term sheet issued
Term sheet review

4. Funding

4. Funding

Lender Offer
Loan Documentation
Drawdown Funds

I only do these types of transactions once every three years. Fuse 3 sat with me all the time.
They know the funds and how to close transactions with them. They know
the process, what questions to ask and how to answer them. Also, when meetings should happen, & when you don’t need to bother with them. As a result, the company makes the process as short & reliable as possible.”
HealthTech CFO, Ian Bastow

New to private debt finance?


Download one of our easy to read and digest data sheets. Click the image of the datasheet below to start the pdf download. 

Free Ebook That Provides a Blueprint For Cashing Out Of Your Tech Business

6 common funding scenarios tech CEOs and CFOs should plan for

The technology sectors we love to work with:

Adtech & Martech

Fuse3 - Ad Tech

As the Adtech and Martech industry continues to grow, the team at Fuse3 work closely with clients in the sector to help access business funds so they can scale. From customer-facing solutions to back-end systems, the industry is maturing fast. We thrive on innovation, and we relish the opportunity to help businesses across the Adtech and Martech sector prosper by opening the door to alternative finance.

App and Software Development

Fuse3 - App and Software Development

Fuse3 works with a number of innovative companies in the App & Software Development sector. We enjoy the energy of this thriving industry, and we enjoy working with companies that are at the forefront of creating digital software products for consumers and businesses. Are you one of them?


Fuse3 - Biotech

With our algorithm based tools and detailed analysis, we make it easier for Biotech businesses to access funding. One of our more popular solutions in this field is Intellectual Property Lending. It helps Biotech firms to release cash to reinvest in the business, so if you’re looking to expand, or want to invest more in your R&D, we can help.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Fuse3 - Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

We’re in the business of securing growth. In the rapidly changing Business Intelligence and Data Analysis sectors, we work with clients to access debt finance solutions that make sense with their business goals. As the leader in technology alternative finance we have the expertise to access the right funds.


Fuse3 - Cybersecurity

With the global cybersecurity market estimated to be worth $120bn by 2017, the growth in this sector demands creative alternative finance solutions. Firms in the Cyber Security sector want terms that are suited to the modern business environment. Fuse3 offers these firms  access to debt finance solutions from Venture Debt to Acquisition Finance. We’ll help secure your company’s future while you help secure others.

Energy Efficiency

Fuse3 - Energy Efficiency

Fuse3 supports businesses that develop state-of-the art technologies in the Energy Efficiency sector. We focus on small-to-medium sized firms with an established business model and revenue run rate with aspirations for growth. Whether it’s to develop the team, acquire a new business, or expand into a new region, debt finance for the Energy Efficiency sector can be be a cost effective alternative to traditional bank funding.

SaaS, Enterprise Software & Cloud Computing

Fuse3 - Enterprise Software & Cloud Computing

At Fuse3, we’re always keeping an eye out for the future. Our work with clients in the Enterprise Software & Cloud Computing sector helps us to better understand the funding requirements of this emerging sector. Our clients use us to access finance for expansion, restructure and other business situations that require increased funding.

Fintech & Regtech

Fuse3 - Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

At Fuse3, we have successfully worked with many fast growing fintech and regtech businesses. Our access to a global network of lenders allows us to find the right funding partner and best deal structures for our clients. We have helped our clients fund their scaleup ambitions, enabling international expansion, organic growth and acquisition strategies.


Fuse3 - Hardware

Fuse3 provides access to funding for firms in the Hardware sector that are primarily in the growth stage. Our clients are ambitious and entrepreneurial, and so are we. We offer a range of debt finance products, coupled with a deep understanding of the hardware sector, to identify the best funding sources for you and your business.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Fuse3 - Internet of Things

The IoT sector is vast, and with this in mind, we’ve built an extensive portfolio of alternative finance products that can be tailored to most business needs. We dedicate 100% of our effort on accessing solutions for clients in the technology sector. Whether it’s exploring options for Patent Lending, MBO’s, or other forms of debt finance, we have the expertise to help IoT businesses get access to funds to help them grow.

IT Consulting

Fuse3 - IT Consulting

The IT Consulting sector is integral to the IoT (the internet of things), helping to direct the flow of IT products and services towards all touch points. For businesses who specialise in this sector, Fuse3 offers a range of debt finance products that help you get access to valuable business finance. Whether you want to develop the team, enter a new market or general expansion we have the capabilities and the tools to help you achieve your financial goals.

Online Gaming

Fuse3 - Online Gaming

We’re passionate about entrepreneurialism and excited by the innovative ideas coming out of the Online Gaming sector. Whilst we recognise it can be challenging for firms in this sector to get access to funds, we have the expertise and the tools to get you the funding that aligns with your goals. We conduct detailed analysis to identify funding options from non-bank lenders in the alternative finance space so you can scale your business.

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