We’re Venture Debt brokers – we’re in the business of securing growth.

We leverage non-dilutive debt financing solutions to help tech leaders realise their ambitions.

Debt Financing for Tech Leaders

Debt financing consists of a range of borrowing options from Venture Debt, SaaS Lending, Acquisitions Finance to Patent Lending and more. Offered as an alternative to bank lending, this innovative approach to financing business growth attracts smart, savvy investors in abundance. Fuse3 focus 100% on one Alternative Finance solution: Debt Financing

Tailored Venture Debt Broker Service

We help you plan for the future as well as the present. Our approach is simple and effective – we get to know you and your business first. Once your objectives are clear, we assess the financial options that best meets your needs using our algorithm-based tools. Throughout the entire process, from the initial meeting to funding, we provide support to help ensure a smooth transition. Our facility sizes are typically between £1m – £10m, and best of all, our fees are primarily based on successful outcomes – so you can rest assured that we are working hard to get you the funding you need.

Fuse3 Path to Funding

4 step process


1. Introduction

Telephone Call
Discuss funding requirements
Request more information/data

2. Assessment

2. Assessment

Information/data received
Fuse3 Underwriting
Fuse3 Assessment Tool

3. Term Sheet

3. Term Sheet

Face2Face meeting on-site
Full term sheet issued
Term sheet review

4. Funding

4. Funding

Lender Offer
Loan Documentation
Drawdown Funds

Our range of Debt Finance Products

Venture DebtVenture Debt
Growth FinanceGrowth Finance
MBO FundingMBO Funding
Intellectual Property FundingIntellectual Property Funding
Patent LendingPatent Lending
SaaS LendingSaaS Lending
Special Siuations FundSpecial Siuations Fund
Royalty LendingRoyalty Lending
Acquisition FinanceAcquisition Finance

Technology Sector

We specialise in accessing funds for businesses in the technology sector. We enjoy the entrepreneurialism of the sector – some of our existing clients are fast growing European tech businesses.

If you have any questions, check out our curated list of FAQ’s and if you cannot find what you’re looking for give us a call 020 7305 7493 and let’s talk.

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